Give your bedroom the much needed lighting it requires

Whether you live in a small cove or a grand master suite, you sure do use your bedroom for more than just a slumber. While dark bedrooms are great for sleeping, you must keep in mind that little light hinders you from doing many more things. A bedroom lighting can range from a basic to bold or dimmed to dramatic. Here below are a few types of lighting that will give your bedroom the much needed light it requires.

LED Lamps: LED stands for light emitting diode (LED). The LED product is assembled into a lamp for its use in lighting fixtures. These lamps have a better lifespan and an electrical efficiency that is much longer than incandescent lamps and are also more efficient that most of the fluorescent lamps. Today, most LEDs use about only 10 percent of the total energy that an incandescent lamp requires. Like other incandescent lamps, LEDs too come to full brightness without the need for some time to warm up. Most LEDs do not emit light in all the directions and their directional features affect the design of the lamps. While most LEDs today, are compatible with dimmers and are power-efficient, they are the lamps that most people opt for.

CFL lamps: Commonly known as CFL, the compact fluorescent lamp is also called compact fluorescent light, compact fluorescent tube and energy saving light. The CFL lighting is a fluorescent lamp that is designed to replace the incandescent lamps. CFLs use one fifth to one third of the electric power and lasts longer than an incandescent lamp. They are comparatively higher in price but save a lot in terms of electricity costs. Today, LED lamps compete with CFLs for its high efficiency house lighting. CFLs prove to be best as ceiling lights and can be used as a false ceiling lighting too.

GLS light bulb: A GLS light bulb is also known as a traditional shape standard light bulb. These bulbs are usually used in table lamps, ceiling lights or as ceiling pendants. GLS light bulbs today, are being replaced with LED versions that can actually use up to 85 percent lesser energy than other lighting fixtures. There are many types of GLS light bulbs. They include the standard clear lamp, clear mushroom lamp, milky lamp, and the night deco lamp. These lamps are extremely effective and prove to be great to give your bedroom the perfect lighting.

Besides these, there are numerous more types of lighting that are can be used and in most cases, are needed give your bedroom the much needed lighting it requires.

Ajay Sethi is an interior decorator by profession who loves to indulge in writing during his spare time. When time permits, he talks about the latest trends in interior decorating and offer insights whenever possible. As the current trend focuses on the different types of lighting, such as the ceiling lights and false ceiling lighting. Through his work, he has provided, relative information on how to give your bedroom the much needed lighting it requires.