6 Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas For A Dream Wedding

Many people assume that outdoor weddings are the most difficult to plan for and decorate. This is because they feel that they have no control over nature or it substances. Well, this is not true. Outdoor weddings, if planned properly, can prove to be a dream wedding for anyone. The trick is to come up with suitable ideas for outdoor wedding decoration and choose an appropriate venue accordingly.
It also depends upon how you use up the vast space. Are you looking for ideas to transform it into a dream wedding? Well, listed below are some ideas that you might be interested in.

6 Wedding Decoration Ideas For Outdoor Venue
1. Canopy Of Drapes
Drapes are the most versatile pieces for wedding decorations in Bangalore and can be used anywhere. So, if you are looking to cover up the vast outdoor space, then colourful drapes can be used for this. You can add in some paper lanterns or some beautiful carnations of lilies to brighten it up.
However, if you are reluctant to cover the entire area, then you can simply make a small canopy out of those drapes for the stage and the mandap.

2. Let There Be Light!
If you are having a night wedding, then lights are a brilliant way to decorate an outdoor wedding. There are million different ideas that you can experiment with. You can string in fairy lights through a pole and light up the area. If it consists of trees, then you can hang chandeliers or candles in a glass from its branches.
If you want your guests’ focuses to remain on the bride only, then light up her path to the mandap with lanterns, placed on the ground.

3. Swing Set
Getting a swing set for theme wedding decorations is a brilliant idea. For daytime weddings, this piece of furniture can really up the beauty of your wedding. It can be used as the backdrop, prior to the wedding, where the bride and groom greet the guest. Adorn it with a garland of green leaves along with some colourful flowers to get that lovely effect.

4. Put Those Paper Lanterns To Good Use
Using paper lanterns to decorate an outdoor wedding is an ingenious way to make it look fantastic. If your venue has lots of trees around, then you can simply hang it from their branches. Otherwise, you can create a false ceiling, and hang the paper lanterns from there.

5. Make A Green Ceiling For The Dinner Area
So, you have a small space for your outdoor wedding? No problem. Simply decorate the dinner area with a false green ceiling. You can even add some flowers and lights to it or hang chandeliers from it.

6. Flowers Complete A Wedding
Any wedding is incomplete without flowers, so why would an outdoor wedding be any different? You can contact the best flower decorators to create pomanders out of flowers and hang them from the trees, or create simple arrangements for the table.

Needless to say, there are thousand different ideas that you can experiment with for a garden wedding Bangalore. However, do not go overboard with everything. Mix and match and see how it looks before the final touch. Call us or contact us for outdoor wedding decoration